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I'm Teresa and I live in a cozy, cattage (mix of cottage/cabin) along a babbling creek in the middle of the Manistee National Forest. I have one daughter, Campbell, who celebrated her 13th birthday on February 13th. A golden birthday. A lot of what I do and who I aspire to be, is because of her.

My passion is helping people. I have the disease to please. Especially, when it comes to interior design, decorating and organization. I love making people cry (in a good way). My favorite moment after a design project is finished, is when I'm able to "reveal" the room or space to the client. The way their face lights up and how excited, proud, happy they feel, spills over to me. It's like I'm walking on sunshine for days.

My first job was scooping ice-cream at a local "House of Flavors." I was 13. I would sometimes eat the cookie-dough out of the cookie dough ice-cream. I still feel bad about it.

I'm one of those people who replay conversations in my mind, years after it happened.

Two years of coming home with stickiness up and down my arms and a giant right bi-cep, I decided I needed a change. I wanted out of food service. I stumbled on a job that would point me in a direction of life I did not expect. I applied to be a retail sales clerk at a corner drug store that also sold gifts and souvenirs. City Drug in downtown Manistee. It was there that I met some incredibly talented, thoughtful and fun people (here's looking at you Heather, Steph and the lovely ladies behind the counter). And, Jim. I learned many things about customer service, gift lines, prescriptions, insurance and most of all- displaying merchandise and how much fun I'd have.

When a new order or shipment would come in, I'd excitedly cut open the boxes with my trusty box knife. Spill out all the popcorn foam or paper and stare at the new product. I would need a night to "whirl" or ponder on the items. As I laid in bed on those nights, I'd imagine how I'd display it. What background or fabric to lay under, what accessories I would need to bolster it up, how people (especially, my boss) would react when he would have his first glimpse at the finished display. I wouldn't sleep much on those nights. It was ok. I felt like a kid the night before Christmas.

The other skill or knack I learned that I possessed was organizing. You see, there was a backroom AND a basement FILLED with empty/full boxes of gift items, necessities and all sorts of things. Frequently, these areas were a hot mess. One day, John (boss) asked me to sort through the boxes and tidy the space. I spent an entire day straightening, organizing, and sorting.

It felt like 15 minutes.

The end result made me smile. It felt incredible to walk into those spaces and see what I/we needed. Everything lined up. Stacked. Facing forward.

The appreciation from the staff was all I needed to feel full.

I didn't know it then, but these moments taught me that interior design is always more than how things look. It's how a person FEELS in the space. I want to inspire people to live happy + healthy lives through interior design.

Welcome to Wellnested.

All is well...


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