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At Wellnested, we're motivated by a desire to serve our customers by gracing their homes with style, sophistication & warmth. Wellnested - The Storefront, offers items and ideas to help you love where you live. We want to celebrate spaces that represent a wide range of people, places, styles & moments in life.

Stop in!  You'll be surprised & delighted!!

Having a beautiful and functional home can bring peace and a renewed sense of well-being to your life. A home can bring comfort, connection and motivation.

I would love to help you with smart, sustainable solutions, so you can feel inspired in all areas of life.  Design Service packages available based on extent of each project. To start, book a FREE “Discovery Call” to see if Wellnested is a good fit for you.


With more than 20 years’ experience in decorating & organizing, I’ve helped transform people from overwhelmed to over-joy for their space.  

As a trusted Interior Consultant, I compassionately guide busy people, by helping to improve and enhance living spaces. Both, in function and aesthetics. I can visualize what a finished space will look like and help you achieve it. I help you sift through the endless options of furniture, fixtures and color pallets.

My daughter will tell you that I’m awkward. (You should see my inability to walk gracefully in heels).  However, take a peek in any of my closets, drawers or behind cabinet doors and you’ll see I’m “put together” in terms of possessions. 

...Even, if I’m tripping over my own insecurities at times. 

We understand design can be overwhelming.




In terms of experience- let’s just say I have a lifetime of being creative, quirky and a bit OCD to draw from.  I was the kid that color-coded the crayons in Kindergarten.  I lined-up my m&m's by color, before eating them. As an adult, my friends and family call me when they need inspiration or advice, for anything from rooms to relationships. 


I’ve overcome obstacles in love + life. I’m passionate about helping people to live with an abundance of wellness. I thrive on being a life-long learner with the desire to stay on par with my craft.  I’ve poured through countless seminars, books, magazines, and articles on the impact of design, clutter, environments, health and relationships.  It’s all intertwined.  I'd love to share my time, talent and treasures with you. So, you too, can feel, wellnested.   




One of the most important parts of the design process is getting to know you. Your personal style, family values and goals for your life and the space you live. Communication is key. Understanding how you'd like your home to look & function and bringing the dream to fruition. The many years of higher education and experience has helped me hone this key quality. 

Cornell University

Executive Leadership Certificate 

Central Michigan University

BS in Secondary Education with a focus on Family Life 

BAA in Broadcast & Cinematic Arts with a focus on Communications

Rave Reviews

“I want to buy everything in the store"

-Stacey A


"This store is my vibe. I could walk around all day and see more of what I like"

-Amy G.


"I love that she blended our own personal items with things that made an impact. Every time I walk into this room, I smile.”

-Jennifer L


“Teresa has an eye for style, perfection, balance and creating comfort.  She has the creative ability to visualize the potential of what a space can become and personalize it to your taste and lifestyle.  She is a genius with color.  She will create the perfect space for you and can do it with different levels according to your budget, adding the most value.  Because she is a perfectionist, Teresa’s organizational skills are impeccable.  She’s fun, creative and easy to work with. Her fun sense of humor will put you at ease.  She gets jobs done in a timely matter.  Highly recommend, Wellnested!”

-Monica K.

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