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A happier, healthier home.


Helping you create The Picture Perfect Space


Feeling overwhelmed and confused, when it comes to updating a new home or one you've been in awhile? 


Imagine, a confidently curated, beautiful and welcoming space.  Home is the ultimate comfort. It's where we get to be ourselves and welcome those around us to connect. Even the smallest, most inexpensive decorating updates can have a major impact on our life. 

Feeling intimidated about where to begin?

Too many choices and options- you don't want to make the wrong decision?

Love watching design shows and reading design magazines but don't know how to bring it all together?

Simply don't have time?

Bring the vision to life

Living Room
This consultation, takes place in your home, where we can talk about any room or decorating challenge you may have. Areas of expertise: Paint color palettes, space planning, organizing solutions, furniture suggestions, décor ideas, lighting and more. Immediate feedback, knowledge, solutions and recommendations provided. If you feel you will need more time, we can go over packages based on complexity and expertise required.
Well Organized Closet
Starter Pack (5 Hours)
Have you ever heard that your outer surroundings are a direct reflection of what's going on inside of you? Disorganized, chaotic surroundings make you feel weighed down, fatigued and unmotivated. This service is for those who want to feel more clear, energized and eager to move forward with your goals. We start with a closet or a room and help you set the stage.  We guarantee you will feel calmer, happier and more balanced.
Image by Roam In Color
Full service interior design where you need it. Design services for a room, whole home or block of rooms, where we create a design plan from concept to final installation. Includes consultation, design boards, space plan, source links & purchasing services. From start to reveal.
*20-Hour packages start at $1499
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