How it works

1. Schedule a FREE Discovery Call 

The discovery call is convenient and FREE 15-20 minute phone conversation.  We'll discuss your project, timeline and any other questions you may have about the design process. 

2. Initial Consultation (Starter Pack) $129

After the Discovery call, we will schedule a day/time for the in-home consult.

A 60 minute on-site visit is a wonderful opportunity to meet face-to-face and explore what you are hoping to achieve when it comes to your home and your lifestyle. Topics may include; space, layout, furnishings, fixtures, finishes, décor, style, lighting, colors, organization solutions and any other pain points you may have.

At this point, you'll have the necessary information in order for you to decide to move forward.  


3. Signature Service  *Packages start at $399

From our notes, we will generate a Proposal for Services, estimate hours and request a retainer to get started.


(Phase I: Initial Consult)


Phase II:


Once the signed Proposal and retainer are received, we will make an appointment to come back to measure rooms and photograph the space. If necessary, we will schedule trades people to come out in order to have accurate estimates.


With info gathered so far, I will start the research and design phase of the project. Here I will lay out a plan for your space, source goods & services for initial budget estimates.


The fun part! In this meeting, you get to see the vision for your space.  A "design board" will show you how the items selected will correlate in relation to style, scale, texture and color and prices of items.  Of course, any necessary changes to plans can happen along the way. I want you to be comfortable with the items recommended. 

Phase III:


At this point, you will decide on moving forward and at what level of designer involvement.  A new design contract will be created for the final phase of the project if not outlined in previous scope of services.


Additional rates and package pricing available.


Perfect for the person who has everything! The gift of organizing or decorating will inspire change that can last a lifetime and potentially change a person’s life.  Perfect for busy professionals, new homeowners, expectant parents, or people who want to simplify or make a space stunning.

Gift Certificates are available for any of the services and include a free phone consultation.

Please be sure that the person you wish to give the gift certificate to, is open to working with a professional design consultant. We can’t help if the client isn’t ready.



Referrals are an important part f the success of Wellnested.  And, good energy when you share positive words of a product or service you were happy with. For any person you send our way that becomes a client, we will send YOU some good energy with a gift certificate for $50 off future services.